Black Hawk Original Puppy Lamb & Rice

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Black Hawk Original Puppy Lamb & Rice
Black Hawk Original Puppy Lamb & Rice
Black Hawk Original Puppy Lamb & Rice
Black Hawk Original Puppy Lamb & Rice
Black Hawk Original Puppy Lamb & Rice
Black Hawk Original Puppy Lamb & Rice
Black Hawk Original Puppy Lamb & Rice


Should you be feeding your best friend better?

Black Hawk Puppy Lamb & Rice delivers a tasty lamb flavour, with protein essential for building strong bones and muscles. This high energy recipe includes Australian grown oats and rice, which provides the energy growing puppies need. Formulated specifically with ingredients that matter, like peas which has easily digestible plant-based proteins and fibre for gut health, carrots, a fibre-rich source of beta-carotene, and kelp, a rich source of iodine delivering essential minerals for growing puppies.

The transition from mother’s milk to solid food is a significant developmental step for your pup. Black Hawk’s digestible recipe eases this process, however we do recommend that with any food transition, pet parents make this a gradual process. Soaking kibble in warm water for 30 mins prior to feeding may aid pups that struggling to transition to solid foods, or for those who have difficulties in picking up kibble.

Why choose Black Hawk Original?

You won’t find wheat or corn, in any of our recipes. Instead, our Black Hawk Original range uses wholesome, highly digestible oats and rice as carbohydrate sources to deliver energy, fibre and other beneficial nutrients. 

Manufactured in Australia, we only use quality Australian sourced meats, vegetables and fruits, because nothing but the best is good enough for your best friend. We are extremely proud of our heritage and long-standing commitment to local farmers and regional communities through the ingredients that we buy and the local community programs we support. With zero grains, we add ingredients that matter: herbs, vitamins and minerals, which ensure our food tastes great and provides complete nutrition for on-going health and vitality. 

At Black Hawk every ingredient is about naturally nourishing your pet from the inside out.  Every ingredient has a nutritional purpose, and is all about making sure your pet gets everything they need, and nothing they don’t. Real meat, real veggies. You’ll never find artificial preservatives or flavours in Black Hawk. When it comes to our pets’ nutrition, we understand that Every Ingredient Matters®. 

  • Australian lamb is the number 1 ingredient 
  • High energy recipe for growing puppies
  • Muscle-building proteins, from lamb
  • Australian grown oats and rice for energy
  • Formulated to provide a complete and balanced meal for healthy development

Suitable for puppies up to 12 months.

Looking for healthy nutrition for your adult dog? Transition to Black Hawk Adult Food.

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